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Healthy and well cared for trees offer substantial benefits, whereas poorly cared for trees can be a significant liability. Therefore, proper tree care is an investment and shouldn't be taken lightly. When choosing your arborist, take the time to examine their credentials, expertise, and professional affiliations. Choosing based on the lowest price is wrought with problems, particularly if you are concerned about a sick tree, tree risk, or are dealing with a legal matter, such as tree disputes in Australia.

An AQF Level 5 arborist is a consulting arborist. Most have a Diploma of Horticulture (Arboriculture). Only 10% of the units of this qualification relates specifically to arboriculture. For this reason, it is best to select someone with a Diploma of Arboriculture. For your protection, all the arborists at the Arborist Network have AQF Level V, or higher, qualifications in arboriculture and are actively involved in the various professional bodies.

Arboriculture is a science that is undergoing rapid change. In order to ensure your consultant is up to date, all Arborist Network consultants are active in an ongoing education programs including being an ISA certified arborist and/or a Registered Consulting Arborist™.

When dealing with complex matters such as tree disputes in NSW, it is vital to select an arborist with extensive training and experience in providing tree dispute services. For these cases, we recommend the use of an arborist with AQF Level VIII (post graduate) qualifications in arboriculture. When dealing with tree disputes in Sydney, no one has higher qualification than our senior consultants. 

Transplanting large trees is a highly specialised field. Our senior consultant has been involved with tree transplanting in NSW for more than three decades. For more information on our tree transplanting services in Australia, click the following link. Moving Big Trees

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